New To Triathlon? Want to Try…?


Are triathlons just for the super fit?
Definitely not! The reality is that most people who compete are just like you. In Australia we have competitors in their 80’s who compete. As you will soon discover triathletes come in all shapes and sizes, all with their own motivations for competing.

Please note that (as per Tri SA guidelines) we have minimum age requirement of 7 for participating in club activities/triathlons

What if I can’t swim?
If you can’t swim, then the best place to start is probably with a swim group. Local swimming pools have a “learn to swim” program for adults. Swimming 2-3 times per week for 4-8 weeks should have you more than ready to tackle your first triathlon. Another option is to compete as a team or to race duathlons (run, bike, run).

It is ideal to be able to swim 200m non-stop before joining in club swim training sessions

What equipment do I need?
Remember everyone started out just as you are so don’t think you need to buy all the fancy equipment for your first race.

  • Race attire- many first timers compete in board shorts and singlets for the men, while females race in bathers, slipping a pair of shorts or bike knicks on after the swim.
  • The swim- goggles and bathers are the minimum requirement. In most cases you will be provided with a swim cap as a part of your race entry. A towel in transition is always a bonus to dry your feet. A wetsuit may be necessary if the water temperature or outside temperature is below 18 degrees.
  • The bike- any bike so long as it is roadworthy will do. An approved helmet (check inside to see if it meets Australian Standards) is also required. Most people start out with a mountain bike or their 10 speed racer from school. A water bottle and sunglasses are an added bonus. Some Vaseline may help stop chaffing.
  • The run- all you need is shoes and possibly socks, a hat and sunscreen.

With time you can worry about, wetsuits, tri-suits, aerobars, deep rim wheels, carbon fibre frames and elastic laces but to start with keep it simple.

What is a brick?
About 4 weeks out from your race start to incorporate some bricks into your training. This means following your Saturday ride with a short run of 5-10minutes immediately off the bike. This should help prepare your legs for the bike to run transition come race day.

Do I have to be a member to race?
We encourage all triathletes to be a member of a local club.  If you’re located around the inner south/beach side suburbs of Adelaide then Meteors is for you.  Although membership is strongly encouraged you can purchase an entry fee which includes a one race membership that covers your public liability insurance while you race at a club race.

Selecting your first race?
Some points to consider in planning for your first race

  • As a guide a beginner might swim 100m in 2-4 minutes, a 10km ride would take 20-25 minutes and a 3 km run 15-18 minutes.
  • Make sure you are able to complete the required distance in each leg before you enter
  • There is a collective level of fatigue caused by linking the swim, bike and run together. This means a 3 km run that usually takes 15 minutes might now take you 16 or 17 minutes.
  • Running off the bike is a totally foreign experience; it might be wise to practice this before the race.


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