Club Awards and Club Championships

Who will win the 2020/2021 Club Championship?

  • Categories will be awarded to Senior Male/female and junior male/female
  • There are  awards for Swim, Bike and Run Club Champion

Past Champions:
Congratulations to the Club award winners for the 2019/2020 season.
Age Group Awards
Age Group 25 -29 : Melissa Arnold
Age Group 25 -29 : Daniel Lean
Age Group 35 -39 : Ryan Fischer
Age Group 40 -44 : Paul Woodward
Age group 45-49: Tracy Muller
Age Group 55-59: Mandy Roach
Age Group 45 -49:  Adam Barney
Age Group 50-54: Clayton Reeves
Age Group 55 -59 : Brian Norcott
Age Group: 60 -64 : Rodger Mangin
Male Open: Patrick Goodwin

President’s Award: Tim Noll

Congratulations to the award winners for the 2018/2019 season.

Club Champion: Female swim, bike, run – Melissa Arnold
Club Champion: Female swim, bike, run – Clayton Reeves

Age Group Awards
Age Group 25 -29 : Melissa Arnold
Age group 45-49: Emma Franks
Age Group 40 -44:  Matt Mcdonald
Age Group 45-49: Clayton Reeves
Age Group: 60 -64 : Rodger Mangin

President’s Award: Ik Osob
Most Improved: Daniel Larcombe
Long Distance Award: Melissa Arnold

Junior  Male Swim Champion: Oakley Nilsen
Female Swim Champion: Jen Sturn
Male Swim Champion: Sam Tierney

Junior Female Bike Champion: Emily Steven
Junior Male Bike Champion: Scott Goodwin
Female Bike Champion: Jen Sturn
Male Bike Champion: Sam Tierney

Junior Female Run Champion: Sarah Goodwin
Female Run Champion: Alison Sorell
Junior Male Run Champion: James DeGilio
Male Run Champion: Patrick Goodwin

Female Swim Champion: Dhara Armin
Male Swim Champion:  Simon Mulligan
Female Bike Champion: Lisa Rickard
Male Bike Champion: Rodger Mangin
Female Run Champion:Karyn Carson
Male Run Champion: Rob Mclean