Club Awards and Club Championships

Who will win the 2021/2022 Club Championship?

  • Categories will be awarded to Senior Male/female and junior male/female
  • There are  awards for Swim, Bike and Run Club Champions

Age Group Awards

we will be using the Tri SA state series framework to determine each age group winner

  1. You must complete AT LEAST 3 of the 7 races
  2. You must be an active Meteor.
    An active Meteor is a person that the committee can identify and that has had some level of engagement with the club, as these are club age group awards. This may include attendance at training, wearing club uniform, coming to the tent during races and introducing yourself, assisting with the tent set up at races, engagement in facebook/Instagram posts, referring new members.

The state series races are:

Tier 1 Points are accrued for the longest distance race at the event

Tier 2 Points are accrued for the second longest distance race at the event

Tier 2 Points are 50% of Tier 1 Points

Only 1 Tier can be accrued by an individual athlete at a race (i.e in the event of an athlete racing two races within a weekend festival of races the highest accrued tier of points will be applied

Only members of Triathlon SA are eligible to earn state series points and you must be a current club member at the time of the event.

Categories will be Open M and F and 5 year Age Groups M and F starting from 19 – 24.

Any member who races Open in 2 or more races will not be eligible for an Age Group award.

Tier 1 Points are as follows

Place Points

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th or above
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Club Championships Swim/Bike/Run
There will be awards for the fastest Adult male and female adult and Junior male and female for the following triathlon legs:

  • Swim
  • Bike
  • Run

These awards will be pulled from the following race (The Olympic Distance.)

Good Luck and enjoy the season

Past Champions:
Congratulations to the Club award winners for the 2020/2021 season

Swim Champ Male: Ryan Fischer
Swim Champ Female: Chloe Canning

Bike Champ Male: Daniel Larcombe
Bike Champ Female: Chloe Canning

Run Champ Male: Liam Faucci
Run Champ Female: Chloe Canning

Age Group Winner 25-29: Melissa Arnold
Age Group Winner 40-44: Chloe Canning
Age Group Winner 45-49: Tracy Muller
Age Group Winner 30-34: Daniel Lean
Age Group Winner 45-49: Daniel Larcombe
Age Group Winner 55-59 Andy Cox

Most Improved Senior Male: Darren Cutler
Most Improved Most Improved Senior Female: Chloe Canning
Most Improved Junior Male: Liam Faucci
Most Improved junior Female: Caitlyn Muller|

Long Distance Award: Andy (Jack) Cox

President’s Award:  Chloe Canning

Congratulations to the Club award winners for the 2019/2020 season.
Age Group Awards
Age Group 25 -29 : Melissa Arnold
Age Group 25 -29 : Daniel Lean
Age Group 35 -39 : Ryan Fischer
Age Group 40 -44 : Paul Woodward
Age group 45-49: Tracy Muller
Age Group 55-59: Mandy Roach
Age Group 45 -49:  Adam Barney
Age Group 50-54: Clayton Reeves
Age Group 55 -59 : Brian Norcott
Age Group: 60 -64 : Rodger Mangin
Male Open: Patrick Goodwin

President’s Award: Tim Noll

Congratulations to the award winners for the 2018/2019 season.

Club Champion: Female swim, bike, run – Melissa Arnold
Club Champion: Female swim, bike, run – Clayton Reeves

Age Group Awards
Age Group 25 -29 : Melissa Arnold
Age group 45-49: Emma Franks
Age Group 40 -44:  Matt Mcdonald
Age Group 45-49: Clayton Reeves
Age Group: 60 -64 : Rodger Mangin

President’s Award: Ik Osob
Most Improved: Daniel Larcombe
Long Distance Award: Melissa Arnold

Junior  Male Swim Champion: Oakley Nilsen
Female Swim Champion: Jen Sturn
Male Swim Champion: Sam Tierney

Junior Female Bike Champion: Emily Steven
Junior Male Bike Champion: Scott Goodwin
Female Bike Champion: Jen Sturn
Male Bike Champion: Sam Tierney

Junior Female Run Champion: Sarah Goodwin
Female Run Champion: Alison Sorell
Junior Male Run Champion: James DeGilio
Male Run Champion: Patrick Goodwin

Female Swim Champion: Dhara Armin
Male Swim Champion:  Simon Mulligan
Female Bike Champion: Lisa Rickard
Male Bike Champion: Rodger Mangin
Female Run Champion:Karyn Carson
Male Run Champion: Rob Mclean