Sarah Perkins

Racing As:  35-39 Age Group Triathlete

Recent Achievements: 35-39 Age Group State Champion, 2011; Meteors 35-39 Age Group Club Champ

In 2009 I was 10kg overweight and looking after two daughters under the age of three. However I still nurtured a pre-motherhood ambition to do a triathlon so I entered a local short race (a Tin Man) and finished – with the help of some backstroke in the swim.

I eventually plucked up the courage to join my nearest triathlon club, The Meteors. I expected that I would be given some target swim bike and run times to achieve before I could participate in the training squad but instead was encouraged to join in immediately – even though it was a struggle to swim 100m without stopping. Our Coach, Leon Holme, has an amazing ability to challenge us all, irrespective of age, ability, fitness or ambition.

Due to the commitments of work and motherhood I can’t participate in training every week but manage to get out to more than half the sessions. Other members also choose to do fewer sessions per week and maybe do some individual training. Whatever works best!

In the 2 seasons I have trained with the club I have steadily got faster and now enjoy the longer races. A recent highlight was competing in the Sydney Triathlon in April 2011 which involved swimming in the harbour, in the shadow of the Opera House and riding over the bridge.

At the age of 38 I never thought I would find my inner athlete, but now I would encourage anyone who would like to try triathlon, for whatever reason, to stop hesitating and just come and join the Meteors!